Joseph Stepien

ColdFire - NicheLite Loss of TCP/IP session

Discussion created by Joseph Stepien on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by TomE

We've discovered that the NicheLite IP stack apparently does NOT recognize a loss of connection on a telnet session (server running the NicheLite stack) when the client equipment is powered down.  We are expecting this to result in an M_CLOSED indication by lower layer to the callback function, but this apparently doesn't arrive.  I only say apparently since we haven't put a debugger on it as yet but we are able to determine that the previous session is still intact because we only allow one telnet session at our device at any one time and our device rejects subsequent telnet connections.


Also, according to our IT dept, a CAT5 cable disconnect on an existing session ought to similarly result in a report of loss of connection for security reasons (ie someone trying to spoof a previously existing connection), but it does not do this either.


Anyone familiar with this problem and a possible fix?  Any help is much appreciated.