Donald Locker

Anyone ported to a 52255?

Discussion created by Donald Locker on Jun 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by Chris de Villiers

I'm putting  MQX (I'm using 3.5.1 with CW7.2) on a special purpose board, driven by a 52255.


The biggest difference, of course, is the lack of the MiniFlexBus, so all the MRAM references have to go.  Ditto any manipulations of the FB pins in their Secondary, Tertiary or Quatenary identities (PAS2, and PTE[], PTF[], PTG[], PTH[]


  I've modified the .lcf, .mem, and .cfg files to make MRAM non-existent, but is there a simple way to disable the pin configuration code?  (Ideally, I'd like to


#define MQX_CPU                 PSP_CPU_MCF52255


but then I'd have to define the characteristics of the 52255 and put in all the controls, which seem to be in io_gpio_mcf5225.c, but without distinguishing between the 52255 and the 52259


TIA for any suggestions,