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Sprintf error - Codewarrior 8.1.1a

Question asked by Dave Miller on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2010 by Dave Miller

Hello All,


I have a bit of a strange one here and I just can't seem to find a solution.  I use sprintf() to format strings which I then send out a SCI port a little later.  My problem is one particular string that I build has an incorrect number in it after sprintf() is complete.


typedef struct MOT_PARAM{...unsigned int BaudRate;  //Baudrate setting between Main and Interface PCB...}mot_param;mot_param UA_Param;unsigned char debug_buf[64];size = sprintf((char *)debug_buf, "SB%d\r", (unsigned)UA_Param.BaudRate);


So here is the issue:


if UA_Param.BaudRate = 4800 or 9600 or 19200 then he string created is always correct i.e.






However when UA_Param.BaudRate is greater than 19200 (such as 38400, 57600 & 115200) then the output string has the negative value of the Baudrate i.e.


So if UA_Param.BaudRate = 38400 i get SB-27136\r but it should be SB38400\r


What I cannot figure out is why any number larger than 19200 is being converted incorrectly.  Does anyone have any ideas?



Target CPU - DSC56F8323

Codewarrior 8.1.1a for the DSC56F8000E

My Desktop OS - Win XP SP3


Thanks in advance for any help.