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Problem in trying to get MCF52233 DEMO BOARD running

Discussion created by Rafael Dazcal on Jun 17, 2010
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Greetings all,


I am still in my quest to get the MCF52233 DEMO boar running.


The board comes with a CD, and within the CD I found a software example that I am trying to get up and running on the board.


The path in the CD for the software is: "..\files\M52233DEMO\Software_Examples\ColdFire_Lite_DEMO".


After some trouble, I managed to compile the "ColdFire_Lite" target and I managed to upload it to the board. But it didn't work as expected.


When I run the program step by step, I see that the first instruction that it tries to execute is (MCF52235._lo.s):



/******************************************************************** *  * This is the main entry point upon hard reset.  The memory map is * setup based on linker file definitions, then the higher level * system initialization routine is called.  Finally, we jump to the * "main" process.  */asm_startmeup:_asm_startmeup:    /* Save off reset values of D0 and D1 */    move.l  d0,d6    move.l  d1,d7



But uppon trying to execute "move.l", it jumps to an exception handler:



/******************************************************************** * This routine is the lowest-level exception handler. */ asm_exception_handler:_asm_exception_handler:    lea     -16(SP),SP    movem.l D0-D1/A0-A1,(SP)    lea     16(SP),A1    move.l  A1,-(SP)    jsr     mcf5xxx_exception_handler    lea     4(SP),SP    movem.l (SP),D0-D1/A0-A1    lea     16(SP),SP    rte

 Following the code I see this exception tries to print the following message:



printf(EXCEPTFMT, "Illegal instruction", MCF5XXX_SF_PC(framep));

 I dont get any message through the serial port but I believe it is because it has not yet been initialized.


Now, my question is: How come I get an illegal instruction if this software is made specificaly for the MCF52233?


What am I doing wrong?