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USBMULTILINKBDM: USB HCS08/HCS12 BDM Multilink - In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer is not working

Discussion created by shiva prasad ellendula on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by David Payne
Hello all.. I'm working on MC9S08SH8 8-bit microcontroller, i'm using code warrior IDE v6.2 and programmer "PE Micro USB Multilink Interface - part no: USB-ML-12" . Yesterday, unfortunately i connect 10V supply to the micro controller and observed small fumes from the programmer. (in detail, i observed fumes in 2-pin component near U12 on PCB of programmer). after that when i give the input voltage of 5V then blue and green LED's are glowing fine , but it unable to program the flash of micro controller. and I'm attaching one doc file with this mail, please see it. In that file i put down pictures of programmer,debug result pictures,position of component on the PCB of programmer. I tried so much to know about the component which is burned, but i unable to get the Demo board schematic of the programmer. The name mentioned for burned component is "T6". when i check the connectivity of Debugger pins on PCB of programmer, then i seen that Vdd pin & Gnd pin are shorted.I'm hoping that because of that damaged component, supply pins connectivity showing shorted. please tell me what may be cause of programmer for not working. if anyone know what that component is , please tell me. its really urgent. I have to complete the task. Thanks & Regards SHIVA PRASAD E