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bootloader for MC9S12C64 ic

Discussion created by vijay naidu on Jun 14, 2010
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Hey there,


I'm doing a project at Uni which involves coding a MC9S12C64 ic . I'm very new to the world of coding & I'm just needing some help on loading firmware onto the MC9S12C64.


I have bought the chip from Farnell brand new so I'm assuming it has no bootloader loaded on, which is probably why I cant load any firmware onto it via serial.


I have done alot of reading & what I have garthered so far is that you can use the bdm way to upload the bootloader or the serial rs-232 way via the LREA (load ram and execute). I really want to do it the serial way because I dont have the bdm hardware. I have a few questions here...


I have noticed my chip isnt listed in the AN2546.pdf so will the LRAE load into my chip if I do it this way?


If I can load the LRAE into my chip via serial, could someone give me a step by step method into how to do this please? (include hardware mods, programs to use etc).


If I cant load the LRAE into my chip via serial, is there any other way of getting a bootlader into my chip via the serial connection?



Programes & notes I have already downloaded which may help are...


Code Warrior IDE V5 special


Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance.




Vijay N