Aurelie Mercier

problem with CAN on EVB9S12XEP100

Discussion created by Aurelie Mercier on Jun 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by yi liu


I have EVB9S12XEP100 and I am using MSCAN. It was ok and I was able to send and receive CAN messages very well.

But now I have a problem : there isn't any signal on CANH, the signal is right on CANL (CAN0H and CAN1H are linked, CAN0L and CAN1L too, to have ACK). I have an interface CANUSB that doesn't see anything on the bus.

I have noticed that there isn't any signal on TX and RX on the MCU for MSCAN0 and MSCAN1.

It is the same code I was using before and was ok. all the other things are ok.


what could be the problem ?


Thank you for your help.