MQX GPIO interrupt

Discussion created by SONG ZHAO on Jun 8, 2010
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I want to assign an interrupt handler to a button but this handler cannot be invoked when I pressed the button.

The following are the main code and can someone take a look and give some advice? I use MCF52235evb


//define the pin list button1

FILE_PTR btn_file;


 #define BTN1
    static const GPIO_PIN_STRUCT btn1[] = {


//open file

btn_file = fopen("gpio:read", (char_ptr) &btn1)


//enable interrupt, I am not sure if it's necessary

ioctl(btn_file, GPIO_IOCTL_ENABLE_IRQ, NULL)


//register callback function

ioctl(btn_file, GPIO_IOCTL_SET_IRQ_FUNCTION, (char_ptr)&btn1_callback)


I really cannot find out what's wrong with this code.


Thanks a lot!!!!!!