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setting identifier acceptance filter for MSCAN

Discussion created by Aurelie Mercier on Jun 8, 2010
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I wonder if I am understanding the setting of identifier acceptance filter for MSCAN.

I have a MC9S08DZ128 and I would like to set 4 filters of 16bits.


How should I think to set mask and code ?

I have made 4 different codes with their mask : for example :

I would like to filter ID of 0x1A1 :

CANIDAR0 = 0x34;

CANIDAR1 = 0x20;

CANIDMR0 =0x00;

CANIDMR1 = 0x07;

It works fine. But when I want to set another filter (CANIDAR2 and CANIDAR3 with CANIDMR2 and CANIDMR3), it doesn't work.

How do filters work ? I should I do to set 4 filters ?


Thank you in advance for your answers.