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MC9S12D v MC9S12XD v MC9S12XE (>1 CAN)

Discussion created by Harold Kraus on Jun 4, 2010
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Are MC9S12D long for this world? Is there a more strategic choice to get more than one CAN module per micro?  ( I apologize if this is a rep. question)


I am about to start out on a product we expect to be making and supporting for over 10 years. (1000’s of units)


I have been using S08DZ. The only reason I’m looking at 16-bitters (and fine pin pitch) is I need 2 CAN nodes per micro. I don’t need over 64 pins, don’t need MPU, etc.


I see the MC9S12XE is a member of Freescale’s present longevity program, but not the MC9S12D or MC9S12XD.


Although they seem plentiful on Digikey, MC9S12D does not come up on Freescale’s MicroSelector. Does this bode ill for the “flagship” MC9S12D?


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