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Flash Programming using scripting with CodeWarrior 6.4

Discussion created by Ruben Valls Blasco on Jun 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by CrasyCat

Hi all!

I am trying to do a script to program de flash of the MCF52233 devices, so I have not need to go to Flash Programmer ->Erase all, Program.


I have found this on the forum:


but the "fl" namespace is not available, so all the commands related (f::disconnect, etc) are not working.


Despite the problem, I continued with the instructions given on that thread, and tried modifying the "CmdwinInit.tcl" file under CodeWarrior\bin\Plugins\Support\CommandWindow. It does not work anyway, but I have realised that this file says:


# Hidden namespaces.


#namespace eval fl namespace import ::cmdwin::fl::*



so I suppose that the namespace exists, but I have not been able to import it, so I can't use it.


Anyone knows how to enable it  in CodeWarrior 6.4? Or how to manage the flash programer via scripting or automation?Automation with COM objects is also welcomed (in fact preferred, but I have not found any documentation that tells that it is possible).


Thanks in advance,