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MC9S08JM16 USB Interrupt Status Is Lost

Discussion created by Nickolay Postnikov on Jun 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by SP Lee

Sometimes USB TOKDNE interrupt seems to be lost in my application.


--- after week with technical support ---


I've got some new information about the problem and a short way to reproduce it from scratch.


Please see attached files:
 * mc9s08jm16usb.pdf - detailed bug report;
 * s08jm16usb.mp4 - video clip;
 * - CodeWarrior project and source code for mc9s08jm16.


I insist the problem stems from the datasheet or MCU hardware; anyway, MCU hardware's behavior doesn't conform with the datasheet. As we are developing a highly-reliable application, I guess I can't afford the risk of using just 'some proven to work solution' such as medicalusb software; I should have a reasonable explanation why it works before I can include it in my project. There is also another reason why I can't use medicalusb: its code footprint is too large and won't fit in our
project "as is", so I'll have to redesign the medicalusb stack (and I cannot do that without full understanding of the problem in question). Hope this helps to solve my problem. At least MCU datasheet will be corrected.


Any idea?


Nick Postnikov.