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Error message for coldfire v2 using USBDM

Question asked by Raghavendra Harikantra on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2010 by Raghavendra Harikantra

Hi all,

             I have rigged up the circuit  for USBDM_CF_JMXX_CLD.

             I have programmed the board using USBDM_JMxx_v2 firmware.

             For testing pupose i am using M52233DEMO board.

             i followed all the instructions  given in USBDM_CF_JMxx.chm and accordingly configured codewarrior v7.1.

             when i try to debug the code in RAM, I could continue up to progess bar which shows the downloading no of

             bytes to target, after that i get a error message saying:

             "ColdFire GDI Protocol Adapter: An invalid preference was passed to the ColdFire GDI protocol "


             i tried with the CF_unlocker and was successful in detecting the target and erasing it.


           one more thing, while installing USB driver  i get the identification of device as JB16JMxx USBDM(OSBDM mode),

           but in the manual the images show the USB device recognized as JMxx USBDM(TBCLF mode).

           is it because of this the error message is occuring?.


          Please help me in identifying the problem.