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Memory overlap in MRAM

Question asked by Carl Norman on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by Petr Lukas



I have been doing some debugging on our application from MRAM (MQX3.5.1, CW7.1.2, 52259evb).


I have a table in MRAM at 0x1005A000. When a run my full application code, somehow the data at 0x1005A000 gets overwritten with some data (AES_KEY_TABLE below). The data is dumped to printf and its wrong, the debugger also shows the table partially overwritten.


Here is the memory map from my xMAP



# Memory map:
  v_addr   p_addr   size     name
  10000000 10000000 00000400 .vectors   vectorrom
  10000400 10000400 00000018 .cfmprotect cfmprotrom
  10000420 10000420 00000202 .Master_Boot_Page Master_Boot
  10001000 10001000 00049728 .main_application MRAM
  1005A000 1005A000 00003828 .AES_KEY_TABLE_Page AES_KEY_TABLE
  20000000 1004A728 0000073C .main_application_data ram
  2000073C 1004AE64 00000018 .romp      ram
  20000754 20000754 00000B10 .main_application_bss ram
  20001264 20001264 00000000 .kernel_data ram
  2000FFF0 2000FFF0 00000000 .end_of_kernel_data end_of_kd
  2000FA00 2000FA00 00000000 .boot_stack bstack
  2000FBFF 2000FBFF 00000000 .end_of_boot_stack end_bstack


My understanding to working out how much memory there is between MRAM base and AES table is:

MRAM BASE (0x10001000) +

main_application MRAM (0x49728) +

main_application_data ram (0x73C) +

.romp ram (0x18) 00049728

= 0x1004AE7C.


This is well away from 0x1005A000, viewing memory via the debugger shows the memory overwritten up to around address 1005A710.


I cannot think of anything else... Unless MRAM is being used as SRAM during MRAM debug? or maybe romp (rom to ram) is causing the problem?How do I check?


PS, to test, I break on the first line in MAIN_TASK and use the 'view memory' function.