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Which Bootloader

Discussion created by Jay Walsh on Jun 1, 2010
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Hi all.


I have managed to wedge my app inside the CMX gernic hid demo application.  WHile not the cleanest way to go, it was quick and dirty for what I needed.


My question now is, which bootloader do I wedge into it?  I have seen posts for both the AN3561 and the AN 2295.


Also, I am putting this in place backwards, since it would of been easier to create a project from scratch using either one as a template, so would either of these be easier to jam in?  or am I even asking the right question here?


I do need to program over USB, the host system is controlled, so we can make sure all appropriate drivers will be in place, it need not be a CDC-HID, it can be anything.  Also, invoking the bootloader by jumpering an input is fine, it isn't required to be invoked remotely, although I wouldn't discard that option if it were there.


Thanks in advance,