Counting 50 to 200 KHz pulses with TMPn on DZ60

Discussion created by Francois on Jun 1, 2010
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I'm quite new with DZ60 and I need to measure the frequency of  a 50 to 200 kHz square wave signal.


My first idea was to use TPM2CH0, and to mesure the number of clock cycles between 2 rising edges

of my signal. It works but there are a lot of interrupts (at each rising edge) and it slows down significantely

my application.


My second idea is to measure the number of pulses in a 250 ms interval.

but I'm unable to configure the TPM2 timer in this way ?

For instance, I've tried to configure :

TPM2SC = 0x18;

TPM2C0SC = 0x04;


But the TPM2C0V counter doesn't increase ?


Could someone indicates me if it's possible to count automatiquely incomming pulses ?

What should I program for these 2 configuration registers ?


Thank you very much for your help