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Any 8 Bit Freelance Coders + USB Device Driver

Discussion created by Jeff Ferrier on May 29, 2010
Latest reply on May 30, 2010 by Tsuneo Chinzei

HI Guys


If this is in the wrong place then please let me know and I will move it/ correct it.


I am looking to locate a freelance coder for development of 8 bit products (freescale) and I currently use the MC908JB16DWE but that isn't restrictive at all and able to look at other Freescale product options.


Services required would be device programming for development of USB peripherals, for which I would provide the PCB design and proto boards to work with.


Ideally someone with USB device production/programming experience, and knowledge and experience of device drivers would be a total asset.


Will mainly be involved in switch monitoring projects - possibly some motor drives and solenoid drives, and optical chopper disk monitoring for trackballs/ spinners etc


Thanks in advance


Jeff F