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MQX + Multiplexed bus

Discussion created by thiago cesar calori esteves on May 24, 2010
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I have read the document AN3854 and I did mounted my Hardware with a multiplexed memory like Item 3.3. The problem is that in this mode read/write byte is not supported. In this case, can I implement tasks and dynamic memory with this MRAM?


In pratice, this function works fine:


_RTCS_mem_pool = _mem_create_pool((pointer)DEMOCFG_RTCS_POOL_ADDR, DEMOCFG_RTCS_POOL_SIZE);


But after RTCS_create() and its configuration, i can see that "ping" stops work. When I don't configure for MRAM, the code works fine.


My conclusion is: MQX + Multiplexed MRAM doesn't work for tasks/pools of tasks, only for allocation memory, is that correct?



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