Processor Expert for M5234BCC KIT

Discussion created by net11 on May 22, 2010
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I am working with CodeWarrior 7.2 and using the M5234BCC KIT. I have to implement something very simple. I need to be able to send a packet from one board to the other and vice versa. The main intention is to be able to measure the round trip time. After I am able to do this, I intend to use the NSC PHYter that is present in the board to perform hardware timestamping. I fo not want to be doing driver level manipulations to work with the FEC etc. I also do not want to be using freely available stacks because I think I don' need TCP/ IP like functionality. I want to be able to use high level API like beans. I am curious if I can achieve this with processor expert/beans. Is processor expect available for this particular board ?


I have the standard edition of CW 7.2 provided to me through academic license. Does this version have bean support for the task mentioned above or does only the professional version have them?