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CodeWarior version conflicts

Discussion created by Rafael Dazcal on May 21, 2010
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I just wanted to confirm some information I've got about the different versions of CodeWarior.


I am successfully using CW v6.2 and 6.3 with the HCS08 family but I need to develop an application for a ColdFire v2 platform (MCF52xx family).


I've heard that I need the CW v.7 or above for that. But I also heard from a fellow developer that when he installed the new CW version, it messed his older version and so he could not continue developing for the HCS08 family.


I was later told that the CW v.10.0 should solve all this conflicts, being compatible with both CFv2 and HCS08, even though it is still in the beta version.


My question is: Is all the information I have correct or it it all hear-say? Is there a real conflict with the different versions of CW?


BTW: I am hoping to develop using the free version of the software so please let me know if there are differences in that aspect as well.


Thank you all