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ICS protection against loss of lock an loss of clock

Discussion created by Marilena Nardelli on May 18, 2010
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I'm currently using a QE8 microcontroller in my application. The ICS module is designed for lower power operation and has no features that allow monitoring of loss of lock or loss of clock. I read  AN3499, on paragraph 2.1.7, in the event of loss of lock, the ICS attempts to regain FLL on its own. I have doubt on this sentence, it means that the microcontroller change it mode of operation and come in default mode, FEI, if a loss of lock occur?


The ICS module contains an indipendent clock source for the COP watchdog timer that can rest the MCU if the CPU and bus clocks are corrupted. I suppose to enable the COP watchdog and use for it the indipendent clock source (1KHz clock), if a loss of clock occur, betwen this event and the COP reset the MCU, the bus frequency falls to 0Hz?


Thanks in advance.