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M9S08JM60 design opinion sought.

Discussion created by Jay Walsh on May 17, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by Jay Walsh

Hi all.


I have settled on the S08JM60 for a simple design.  The device needs to communicate via usb to a host PC.  It needs to do gpio, and some A/D.  There is not very much trafic back and forth, the speeds of the activities are measured in seconds.


Should I just use this device as a HID, and just use the demo firmware and pc side software as a big starting platform, or should I make this a more "complete" usb device.  I might not even have to store anything in flash in terms of data.


Longer term, I'd like to eventually generalize this, add an OS and make it a more robust usb device, but at the moment, just need to hit the ground running.


I have never done USB related work, so just looking for a quick "up and running" approach.  I need to handle a couple switches, output to some relays, read a couple photo-detects, send info back to pc every few seconds.  probably a heartbeat of somekind to the host.


Anyway, thanks for the thoughts.