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SBF (Serial Boot) 52274 52277 5227x

Discussion created by Paul Hetherington on May 17, 2010
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The SBF module has an errata, SECF122, that prevents the serial boot facility on the 52274/52277 from functioning properly. After doing a serial boot, the movec instruction does not work. This means that you can not set VBR. VBR default is 0. Internal RAM can can't be located at 0x0. Therefore unless you have an external SRAM  located at 0x0, you will not have a place to put an exception table. (ie interrupts/exceptions will not work)


VBR is not the only register that is effected.


This errata is as of Rev1.3 of the part. As of  May 13.2010, Freescale does not intend to correct this problem.