Pedro Tavares

Importing old projects in CodeWarrior v10.0

Discussion created by Pedro Tavares on May 17, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Robert Zeff

Hi to all,


I just bought a DEMOJM development board for MCF51JM128 Cold Fire microcontroller.


I`m trying to import the demo appication that comes along with the board (hid_demo.mcp) in the new CodeWarrior 10, but its not working. :smileysad:


I`m using the CodeWarrior Project Importer. When I select the mcp file, on the Select Toolchain Target Screen, an error is apearing:


Error: Unsuported settings panel version in DEMOJM Flash.


And yes, I installed the usb stack and all the libs that came in the CD.


Any tips? Woudl I be able to compile this project on CW10 or I will have to use CW6??