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Mon08 and MC908QT4

Discussion created by Blais Yvon on May 16, 2010
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I am a new user to the forum


I bought MC908QT4 and MC908QY2 and I builded a circuit with a MAX232 + 74125 + 908QT4

I connected the rs232 of my computer to the board and I  loaded  the Metrowerks debugger.

I tried to connect to my 8\908QT4 but I have got no anwser from thje 908QT4.


My computer use only 3 wires - RX, TX and GND.

The 908QT4 is connected like that: PTA0 to 74125, PTA2 to GND on Power UP

With the Oscilloscope, I have got signal on the pin PTA0 but the 908QT4 does not seem to reply to the computer.


I have made something wrong and What I have to do to get in touch with the 908QT4