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USB on the GO hardware

Discussion created by Israel Pavelek on May 15, 2010
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Hi my name is Israel Pavelek I´m from Argentina and I´m developing a product that need a conection to a pc and to a pendrive they don´t have to be simultaneous, I was first of all thinking in the MCF51JM128 because the aplication do not need a more than a couple of pins for conectt a graphical 128*64 LCD and a serial conection from a other microcontroller that give the information to the LCD, I would like to have both conectors the B for the PC and A for the pendrive to download a couple of data, If there any problem if someone plug the pendrive in the A conecctor and the pc in B coneector at the same time? the other problem is how to connect them, I saw that the USB hardware connections use two chips adm869L and max3353 are they totaly necesary? what are the purpose of them? because a can´t find them in Argentina, besides i´m thinking first of all to develop with a DEMOJM kit.


A distributor in Argentina offer me the MCF52259 demo kit also, i´m not now working with ethernet.. the USB part it´s the same? I´m talking about the software and hardware.

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