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Best approach to develop an embedded Linux app using QorIQ?

Discussion created by Robert Kennedy on May 14, 2010
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Hello all,


I'm using the P2020DS board to develop an networking appliance that will run embedded Linux. The dev board came with codewarrior v8.8.3 for windows which supports the P2020 processor. I've been able to compile and run the "welcome to codewarrior" sample app. Now I need to compile some Linux user code along with the necessary parts of the kernel and I don't know how to do that using cw for windows. I have run into conflicts between the standard header files and those included as part of MSL_C in cw. Is there a better way for me to proceed? I tried to get cw for platform linux but it appears to require an old redhat 9 vintage distro. Specifically I needed and it dependencies to make that work. Has any got that working on a more modern distro? Finally I would like to run new eclipse version of cw but I see no support in that yet for QorIQ and I have already posted a query on that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.