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Idiots guild to M52221DEMO

Discussion created by Jay Walsh on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by joaquin Morales

HI all.


I just had some of these kits dropped on my desk, first week on the job.  I like the specs of the board for what we want to do. I installed CW7.2 SE,  and tried to walk through the built-in demo.  I am new to CW and freescale.  I altered the settings in the demo to not use the simulator as it is unsupported by SE version.  I get an error programming the board.


"failed writing target address 0x20000500 expected....recieved 0x0"


I have also been out of the game when it comes to BSP related work, so, I am flailing around here.  I am feeling pretty green here, and that's how I am going to approach it.


Can someone give me the "idiot's guide" to plugging in a M52221Demo board with CW-SE, and programming "something" onto it.  I also think I am misisng some docs, but maybe there were never any other than the quick start.


I find it weird that according to the quickstart, you dont' seem to have to move any jumpers or anthing to program it out of the box, despite having some runing code on it.


or do I need to flash the device since I don't have PRO?


A pointer to some other stuff would be great,  eventually I need to actually put some code on it to do stuff and handle usb, but for now, just blinking an LED woudl be nice!