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MCF51JM128 quartz in STOP mode

Discussion created by Sebastien GRANDIN on May 5, 2010
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I would like to get an information about the quartz in STOP mode.

We encounter a problem at this time. When we put the µC in STOP mode, the quartz continue to oscillate, do you have an idea ?


Our procedure is the following:

1- We received an IT from our other IC (PSOC) to enter in STOP mode

2- We switch off the power supply (5V) ==> to be supplied with the battery (3,7V)

3- We put the PSOC in Low Power Mode (with impulsion time determined by a loop)

4- We configure all the IO in "sleep mode"

5- We reset the IRQ flag

6- We reset the interrupt RTC flag then we disable this one

7- We enter in STOP mode


Thanks in advance