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sprintf, snprintf and floating point

Discussion created by James Millard on May 2, 2010
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I know this has been discussed many times and I have read the posts with no luck. 


I'm working with an MC9S08QE128.h with Codewarrior (version 5.9 and compiler version 5.0.14).  I'm trying to get sprintf to format  a floating point and not having any luck.  I have:


(1) Checked in libdefs.h that LIBDEF_PRINTF_FLOATING is 1. 

(2) I'm using the banked memory model and have include the ANSIBM.A library (float = double = 32 bits)

(3) Gone through all compiler options, "Double is IEEE32" is checked.


Is there something else required?


Also, where is snprintf()?  I don't normally use sprintf because of overflow issues, but snprintf() doesn't seem be where it's supposed to be (stdio).  The help file says it's there, but a search of stdio.h, does not show a prototype and the linker fails because the symbol "snprintf" is not defined which tells me the code doesn't exist.


Thanks for your help.