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MCF52258 Not running without debugger attached

Question asked by Jeff Barnhouse on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Chris de Villiers

Hi Everybody,


I've searched through the forums and found similar problems, but I didn't think any of the other problems were relevant.


My problem is this:  I have programmed the flash in my 52258, and if I run it with the BDM attached, it works fine.  However, if I try running it without the BDM, it does not run.  The interesting thing is that I do not do anything with the BDM... I just have it plugged in, without even having codewarrior running, and then I turn on the power and it runs fine.  If I turn off the power, unplug the BDM, and turn the power back on then nothing happens.


I think this could be a hardware design problem on my part, but I am not sure what it could be.  Any suggestions?  My BDM pinout is as suggested by the MCF52259RM document, and is basically identical to the eval board.  Since the BDM works great, I don't think that the error is in that portion.


Thank you.