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USB host, Int Flash Release problem

Question asked by Tomasz Kulinski on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by Juraj Vanco



CW 7.1.2, MQX 3.4, M52259EVB


My USB host application is working fine in Debug Mode but there is a problem in Int Flash Release mode.

Every time when I insert the USB stick I got this error:


Vendor Information:              Mass Storage Device
Product Identification: Flash Disk
Product Revision Level: 8.07
Error while opening partition (UNKNOWN ERROR !!!)
Device removed, starting device cleanup
--->Closing MFS
--->Uninstalling PM
--->Closing disk


After that I have to restart microcontroller to use USB again.


I've check my application, web_hvac and mfs_usb examples with freescale and kingston sticks so far.



Any ideas?