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Question asked by Guest on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 12, 2010 by Scott Ho


I am trying to write and read the high page of HCSQE128 flash, I have attempted to use the Processor Expert to set those pages i.e. PPAGE4,PPAGE5,PPAGE6,PPAGE7 as BANKED pages or unitialized mode. However, when I go into Processor Initialization the LAP register remains as READ_ONLY register not enabled.


I have changed set the compiler and assembler into BANKED mode as oppose to the default setting i.e SMALL, I have also gone thru


AN3730 Understanding Memory Paging in 9S08 Devices


the application sheet does not mention the need to enable the LAP register.


Can anyone clarify what are the steps to read and write into high page flash?