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FNET on TWR-MCF5225x: Which Serial Port is routed to the DB9 connector?

Question asked by Sven Kopacz on Apr 26, 2010
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I am trying to run FNET on the TWR-MCF5225x. I figured it should be "easy" to start from the provided M52259DEMO project, but cant even seem to get the serial interface up and running. The Demo and the Tower board both use the 48MHz crystal by default with turned off PLL on startup, so I assume the according FNET init code should match the Tower board.


What doesnt work is the serial shell, I get nothing in the terminal window (MQX hvac demo works though, so hardware setup should be fine). Now after browsing through all docs I could find, i must admit that I am completely lost about the hardware routing and I still have no clue about which of the three UARTS of the MCF52259 is actually routed to the DB9 plug on the TWR-SERIAL Module.


I figured it cant be UART0 since according to the User Manual that one is either routed to the OSBDM or to the RS232 on the MCF-Module (and not the Serial Module)? However the Towerconfig tool says, UART0 is routed to RX/TX2 on the serial module. I cant find any docs though that tell me if RX/TX2 on the serial module is going to the DB9.


Well, right now I am totally confused. Any help and hints greatly appreciated.


Regards, Sven