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Coming from V1 - Questions on Debugging with V2, CW7.2

Question asked by Sven Kopacz on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by Sven Kopacz



I recently upgraded the development platform from the MC51CN Tower module to the MC5225x. I installed CW 7.2 and I can compile and flash and run the demos. Great!

Now what really confuses me is the quite different way in the debugging process as opposed the the CW for V1 which I am used to. I assume I am getting something completely wrong here: The way I got it, each and every time I change anything in my code, I have to manually go through the complete process of opening the flash tool, erasing the flash memory, flashing the new program code and then start the debugger and launch the program? Which is like a dozen mouse clicks, is that right?

When I simply click the debug icon in CW 7 (as I am used to from CW 6 for V1) CW 7 will compile and link my changed code, but it will NOT launch the flash tool. Instead it will just run the debugger afterwards which to me makes absolutely no sense since there is still the old code sitting in the target MCU? Well, I am pretty confused here and cant seem to find enlightenment in the yeah, I'd just like to know if this is really the suggested way to go?


Kind regards, Sven