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code question about AN3748

Discussion created by Carloalberto Torghele on Apr 22, 2010
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In the main file there is this definition of a function pointer:


void  (* const _UserEntry[])() @0x000011E4=    // modificato @0x000011C0=
  0x4E714EF9,           //asm NOP(0x4E71), asm JMP(0x4EF9)         


What does the code inside do?

If i look at the memory with the debugger, I see that at address 0x000011C0 there is

4E 71 4E F9 00 00 12 EC

I have never seen this syntax before but I assume that 0x4E714EF9 copy this value in the memory. What's the point of saving this value in memory? There is a comment with a jump. Does it jump to this value?


Where 00 00 12 EC come from? Is it the address of _startup?


I would be happy if anyone could explain me what this code does.