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MC13224 Current Consumption

Discussion created by James Curry on Apr 17, 2010
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I am working with the 1322X-SRB dev board. I have developed a sensor application. I works fine except that the total system current measured at the battery output is around 27 mA in run mode and with the TX and RX idle.As I understand the documentation, The MC13224 should draw 3.3 - 5.0 mA in run mode when the Transmitter is IDLE (not transmitting) and the RX is IDLE (not receiving a packet). I removed the JTAG connection for these tests.


 If I hold the reset button I measure about 5 mA. The Power on LED draws about 3 mA by my measurements.


I have removed the4  0 ohm resistors that power up all of the SRMs peripherals. I disconnected my I2C sensor from th GPIO header. I read the state of all of the GPIO pins and see no problems.


I tested most of the Demo applications including the Connectivity Test TX and RX applications in IDLE mode and get the same result. If I put the device in Hibernate the current drops appropriately.


As a further test, I  init the GPIO, turn off all leds, issue a ResetMaca(); and   a MLMERadioInit(); then enter an infinite loop. Again, the current measures 27 mA.


Does anyone know why I am reading so much current? Is there something else I must do to fully idle the RX and TX?