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Surprising official advice from Freescale Re: MQX

Discussion created by Geoff Westwood on Apr 16, 2010
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 I would like to double check with Freescale that the following is the correct and official advice.


 I have been struggling all week with a linker error that is triggered by adding one line to my MQX example code


ptr = malloc(100);   // This is the std C library Malloc


 Here is the official reply from Freescale Tech Support when I asked about this link error.



"However, MQX can make use of any part of the memory. If you use the malloc() instead the _mem_alloc() you will have the risk that at some time MQX uses that memory and you can cause your application to crash or have a strange behavior. I strongly recommend to use only the _mem_alloc and do not use the malloc from the stdlib."


In other words, using MQX can put a potential timebomb bug into a fundamental C standard library function !


It is possibly even worse than this as the implication is that any C libary function that uses the Heap could also suffer this problem ?


For info:

 The reason I am needing to use the standard C library malloc is that I am porting thousands of lines of old code over to MQX and it is very hard to find every single C library function that is present that uses the heap and triggers this link error. After several hours of hunting I have still failed to find them all.


A second reason I need to use it is that my code uses realloc() which I think  is not available from the MQX memory pool functions.


Just to frustrate me even more, according to Freescale the linker errors relating to undefined "__mem_limit" and "__stack_safety" are new features in CodeWarrior 7.2.  But I am definitely using V7.1.2 and most definitely get the link error.


 Of course the document C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior for ColdFire V7.2\Help\PDF\TN268.pdf that apparently explains what to do to define these variables I havent even got installed, so I cant read it !!  (Anyone know a web link to this document please ? I have been warned off installing V7.2 for other reasons so I cant get it that way.)


I would be very interested to hear Freescales comments on these issues. (Or anyone elses thoughts too)


Regards Geoff