Quoc Nguyen

Need help with LTIB for M5227evb

Discussion created by Quoc Nguyen on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by Tian Eric

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to port the uCLinux onto the M5227 evaluation board. The host pc using Ubuntu 9.10 and I got the following error when executed the ./ltib command in terminal:

ltib cannot be run because one or more of the host packages needed
to run it are either missing or out of date.

Please install/upgrade these packages and then re-try.

Package                Minimum ver   Installed info
-------                -----------   ---------------
rpm-build              0             not installed
Died at ./ltib line 1242.

At the first time, the missing packages were even much more than that but I get them installed by using sudo apt-get install command. However, I couldn't find the rpm-build package anywhere by the same command as well as googling in internet. Anyone deal with the same problem or exprience with the rpm-build package pls help!

Thank you very much,