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Doubt abt Minimum cycle transmit period for a CAN message with 500kbps

Question asked by yadunandan kasu on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by kef

Hello everyone,


I want to confirm a scenario about .... the minimum transmit cycle period for my CAN Tx message.

For example, if I have a board with say HCS12(X) family MCU with 8 MHz crystal supporting the High speed CAN transceiver with 500 Kbps. Then what is the possible minimum cycle period for a CAN Tx message with 8 bytes of data length?


My assumption is .. since my baud rate is 500 kbps. So, the time to transmit a single bit to the CAN bus is (1/500 kbps) i.e. 2us. So, to transmit 8 bytes of Tx message, it can be 8*8*2us = 128us. So, can I send this CAN message from my board with a cycle period of say 200usec (which is below the 128us). ???