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Program/Erase Flash Using LAP register on QE128/64

Discussion created by Pierre Bouffard on Apr 15, 2010
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I am trying to erase/program the flash on the QE164 device. For either operation I need to write to a flash memory location before I launch the command. I write to a flash location by using the linear address pointer registers LAP[2:0] defined in the QE128 Reference Manual at paragraph I am not getting the results I want evidently.


What is the value to write in the LAP[2:0] registers for each page I want to program/erase?


I thought I had to write a value in the range 0xP8000- 0xPBFFF (where P is the PPAGE of flash I want to access from 0 to 3 on the QE64). So if wanted to write to flash location 0x2080 I would have to write the value 0x0A080 in the LAP registers.


What is it that I don't understand?


Thank you all!