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MC13224V - Beestack - Join issue

Question asked by Antoni Boix on Apr 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2010 by GALDER BENGOA

Hi all,


I’m using a custom board and BeeStack codebase 3.0.6 and I have a problem during the network formation. I call the function ZDO_Start(gStartWithOutNvm_c) in a ZR and when another node is in range the association is created without problems. However, when I try to start the procedure without another node in range, the application just sends 3 Beacon Requests and then the ZDO remains in a gZDOToAppMgmtNwkDiscovery_c state (I have verified this behavior using Daintree network analyzer and some breakpoints). The problem is the node should keep sending beacon according to my configuration of BeeStack.


Some relevant parameters:


Network Discovery attempts 0

Network Discovery scan attempts 3

Discovery attempts timeout 0

ZDO Scan interval 100


Somebody knows what is going on?