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MCF51QE/JM interfacing a microSD Card

Question asked by sebasira on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by mauricio fernandez montoya

Hello everybody!!


I'm developping an application and I need to write/read some data in a microSD Card.... I have Freescale's Flexis JM  SD Card Reader, hardware and software... If I'm not wrong, documentation DRM104 refers to it.


This Freescale's hardware comes with 2 demo softwares:

1- SD Card Datalogger

2- SD Card Reader (USB-SD Reader)


Both softwares work fine... The datalogge logs the lumens or lux sensed (I don't remember wich one). Then, with the other soft. I can see the file content...


Now, for my application I want to use a microSD instead of a SD Card [Note: for the communication I use a SPI, not the SD Card Protocol]... So, to test if it's working I log the data wiht my own application and read the content wth Fresscale's Card Reader (I put the microSD in a SD adapter)...

Well nothing happens... I can read the microSD Card, but it's empty...


So then I use the microSD with Freescale's Datalogger (again, the microSD inside a SD adapter)... For my sourprise, nothing happens, one more time....



Once, I remember being in a Freescale Seminaire... And if I recall correctly, someone told me that NOT every microSD can be access by SPI.... So my question is... is that true? Does the microSD Card have other interfacing needs?



Thanks all of you!!!!