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CodeWarrior and Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) crashing

Question asked by Tim Economu on Apr 10, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2010 by Tim Economu

I've upgraded to Win 7 recently and I am finding CW very unstable. It locks up or unexpectedly quits after only a few minutes or seconds. I've tried all the compatibility mode tests, not much help there. My CodeWarrior version is V6.2, the IDE.exe ver is 5.9.0 build 2830. The pc is an HP laptop with all Win 7 updates.


It seemed to helped a little to change CW to Vista compatability and checking the box "Disable desktop composition" on the compatability tab of Codewarrior IDE properties. Also helping was removing the check in the box "Run as Administrator" for the entire CW folder.


But basically it will stay working for a minute or an hour, but typically will need to be shut down, or will shut itself down about 10 times a day!! It really does not like to have CTL-F pressed when being used within a second LCD monitor.


My question is, am I the only one, and if not what are others doing? Is version 10 supposed to be compatable with Windows 7, even though the specs say it's only working with Vista??!