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PCB design using S12XEP100CAL

Discussion created by Pascal F-M on Apr 10, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by kef

I've design a 3 layer PCB using a S12XEP100CAL as the main controller. I've only solder the S12X with the filter capacitors and crystal to check if everything was working properly but the controller didn't response to my P&E multilink.


I've check all the connection on an empty board and there is no shortcut between any output of the voltage regulator also all ground ar good (reading .10 ohm between each other). I've measure the output of the voltage regulator and I've got the following voltage:


vdd: 0.58v

Vddf: 0.58v

vddpll: 4.2v


I've follow the pcb guideline in the datasheet for the board layout and I've check the schematic to be sure that every pins was connect as indicated on the datasheet. I must be missing something obvious but it's my first design using an S12X.