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SCI interrupts on CSM12C32 module

Discussion created by Ersin Ozkan on Apr 7, 2010
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I am trying to read data from sci by handling  RDRF interrupt. i had some trouble with it and then i found sample source codes from Internet. also i tried the sample project which is in code-warrior examples.


1) Codewarrior provides an example project for mc9s12c32.  it uses vector table in isr_vectors.c


typedef void (*near tIsrFunc)(void);
const tIsrFunc _vect[] @0xFF80 = {



i tried same way in my project but i couldn't handle any sci interrupts.


2) i checked code-warrior help. it gives two way to use interrupts.




VECTOR 69 INCcount

in prm file then use


interrupt void INCcount() ..


#pragma TRAP_PROC

void INCCount()  ..


 or directly use

interrupt 69 void INCcount(void) ...


when i try defining vectors in prm file, something strange is happening. when i send a byte to mcu i get back '0xE0  0xF2  0x3E'  messages in endless loop.


3) i have found a source code from my school. they are using it on the same module i have.

i checked the code and they are handling IRQ interrupt not SCI. IRQ is vector 6 and SCI is vector 20. i didn't have time to ask about this. i read all data-sheets again and again but no answer.


also there is  a weird thing about their code. they use vector table for interrupt definitions. what that code do is transmitting the received byte back by appending it to a message "you send a byte ...".

for the first byte i send, mcu handles interrupt but always sends back  'a', smiley face and '>'.

sometimes after i send a new byte, it sends back previous byte.


also i edited that code a bit. i am turning led1 on and off each almost each second. until i send a byte to mcu led blinks very well. but after the first byte i send blinking stops and never starts again.


and i am changing the state of led2 in interrupt function. it must be turn off after nth interrupt and turn on n+1th interrupt. but what happens is in turns off and  on (very fast blinking) in one interrupt.



i hope I'm missing a simple point.


waiting for all ideas and working source codes if possible.


have a nice day