malloc() - is it really necessary?

Discussion created by FridgeFreezer on Apr 6, 2010
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Before you all say "yes of course it is" I'd better explain myself:


In our application we are using a micro "bare" - no RTOS, no other processes etc. just one main() loop going round and round as is traditional. All data which is not transient is in a global data structure passed by pointer to any functions.


The code we inherited does not use malloc() at all and works fine, but developing for a newer micro, some of the Freescale drivers/example code etc. use malloc() to setup buffers and so on. Now, this is clearly of use where you are calling different programs and returning and so on, but in a dedicated environment it seems rather pointless and a potential source of bugs to be including more libraries than we have to.


Anyone care to expand - is it necessary / required / useful / non-essential / totally useless in our application?