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Beans built for PE 3.06 on PE 3.07

Question asked by Kevin McCann on Apr 5, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by Processor Expert

I'm starting a new project, so I upgraded to CW 6.3 for Microcontrollers, with PE 3.07. My target is the HCS08JM series, which I've successfully used before.


I'm doing a bit of motor control on my S08, so I downloaded the Algorithms and Control update package, for PE 3.06. There is no PE 3.07 version of these files.


PE successfully updates from the 3.06 package, but even after a right-click -> update in the components library, the new beans do not show up in the components library. The .PEupd files show up in Help->Processor Expert->About PE->Installed Updates.


I tried creating a new project and immediately updating the component library without luck also.


Are the PE3.06  beans compatible with 3.07? Do I need to downgrade my PE or CW? If so, how would I downgrade PE?






CW 6.3 on Win7 32b  (running with "disable desktop composition" option)