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New to Coldfire, looking for programming solutions (TBLCF?)

Discussion created by Harout Hedeshian on Apr 4, 2010
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Hello Freescale community,


I've been trying to put together a proof of concept board that is capable of booting uCLinux. The best solution I have found so far is the Netburner MOD5272. It appears uCLinux specifically supports the MOD5272 as well as the associated Coldfire V2 MCU (MCF5272). While these modules are nice and pretty, they don't have the functionality required for the project (POE) and needless to say, the professor won't be too happy if I just used a dev board (have to build something). All of the previous designs I've worked on were smaller MCUs (ARM7, AVR, etc...) which had on board flash programmable through JTAG or some other method which meant that I could wire a boot loader and then program external flash through the serial port or some other interface.


The Problem/Question:

The MOD5272 comes with a boot loader, however, any board I build will have a vanilla flash chip with nothing on it. I'm not sure I completely understand how to program the flash through the debug ports on the MCF5272 devices. I'm aware they have JTAG and a BDM port which on the MCF527x is mutually exclusive. If I understand correctly, JTAG on the coldfire is not very useful? Can the JTAG port be used to program parallel flash (i.e.. JS28F128P30T85A)? I think the answer is no (not sure). We have JTAG cables available, as well as some tools for them.

Let's say JTAG will not be sufficient and I have to use the BDM. Will the BDM be capable of programming flash? We do not have any BDM interfaces available. The cheapest commercial solution I could find was from PE for (parallel cable) $200 + $300 for the software. The entire project's budget is $500; that's enough to do 4 revisions of our board! Debug is nice, but I have access to logic analyzers so debug capability is not too important. I just need to be able to program the flash.

Which leads me to something called TBLCF. It looks like I can find it for $45 assembled which is far more reasonable. Will it work with the MCF5272? It looks like it works with "BDM Tools" (http://bdm.sourceforge.net/) in Linux?


Thanks for taking the time to read the long post. I appreciate it.




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