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Detection of a network connection on a switch

Question asked by ptit nain on Apr 2, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Jasmine01 smith


I am currently designing an ethernet driver on a PowerPC 8280. I'm using the evaluation board PQ2FADS-ZU.

To validate the issue of my ethernet frame, I connected with a crossover cable, my evaluation board to a PC with wireshark running. This configuration works. Frames are correctly sent and received on the distant PC. All my frames are displayed on wireshark.

My problem is this.
When I try to connect my evaluation board to a cisco switch (to send frames to multiple PCs), the switch (a Cisco Catalyst 2950) did not not detect the presence of a connection, the LED is off desperately.


So to sumarize, my PC network card can receive my ethernet frames, but my cisco switch can't. I don't know why.


In advance thank you.

PS: The connection is configured for full duplex 100M.